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The rapid growth and diversification of many economies and the move towards more accountable governments in many African countries present new opportunities for business to create shareholder value. To do so in a sustainable way all stakeholder interests must be taken into account and a strategic and constructive relationship should be developed between business, the societies in which it operates, governments and international organisations. This presents business with specific management challenges.

This African renaissance is taking place in a rapidly changing global context. But despite the ongoing diversification of Africa’s economic relations, for the foreseeable future the multiple links with Europe will remain not only important economically speaking; they also can be an inspiration for methodologies to achieve harmonious growth, benefiting all people and respecting their natural and cultural environment. The new Economic Partnerhsip Agreements between African regional market organisations and the European Union offer particular opportunities and threats alike.

AEAC has been established to contribute to the African renaissance. Its network of consultants offers companies operating in Africa or trading between the two continents the know-how to achieve shareholder value with due corporate responsibility.

It offers companies a combination of African and European expertise to manage political, regulatory and societal issues which today are influencing ever more company short-term profitability and long-term asset building.

We look forward to exchanging views with you